Retail and Hospitality HVAC

Ensure customers enjoy a comfortable time at your store, restaurant or hotel with HVAC climate control you can rely on from Arena Air Conditioning. We work with all-size enterprises and can install a new HVAC system,  or service an existing HVAC, direct or as a hired contractor.

Improved customer experience

Air conditioning is an integral component when providing a pleasing‘customer experience inside stores, restaurants, and hotels. Air conditioning helps secure repeat customer business that recall visiting you was a pleasant experience.

Your investment is air conditioning equipment benefits the customer and improve staff productivity.

HVAC Services for retail Stores North West UK
Hospitality HVAC Services

Healthy environment for business

If your business is within the hospitality sector, you understand customer comfort is top of the list. The more relaxed and comfortable customers feel, the longer they’ll stay and spend more at your establishment. Air conditioning can help you create a relaxing and successful business.

Expert HVAC design

Arena Air Conditioning’s expert HVAC design team at your helm of your next project, can specify and install reliable HVAC solutions that performs flawlessly whatever the size premises.

Our expertise encompasses all project planning and management activities, legacy HVAC integration, migration and customer monitoring and maintenance.

HVAC Installer North West UK

New and legacy HVAC integration

We provide customised solutions and services for those seeking to deploy Arena-specified HVAC systems and integrate it with their existing HVAC infrastructure.

Our best-practice knowledge has been garnered over hundreds of successful deployments, and allows us to deliver on time and to budget.

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Installation & Servicing

Arena has the expertise and resources to help keep produce and customers cool – and your business profitable.

Air Conditioning Advice

Air conditioning (HVAC) works differently from traditional heating. Our Advice section is the ideal place to learn more.

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With 30 years air conditioning industry expertise, we know how to care for business and domestic customer needs.